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How Baked by Melissa Uses Text Messaging to Drive Online Orders

Bakery chain Baked by Melissa was looking for ways to drive more e-commerce orders by encouraging customers to order their favorite treats online


Passionate about baking and the idea that people should be able to taste more flavors, Baked by Melissa creates a wide variety of handcrafted, bite-sized treats. Founded in New York City in 2008, Baked by Melissa has its roots in catering, selling its day-brightening miniature cupcakes for memorable events. After opening its first location—a pickup window in SoHo—the bakery chain quickly scaled to 14 locations, and now ships its playful baked goods nationwide.

Background Following a serendipitous series of events, Melissa Ben-Ishay found her passion for baking and turned it into an immediate success. Baked by Melissa offers a wide array of colorful miniature treats—including their signature mini cupcakes—that make life sweeter.


Baked by Melissa’s audience is all about celebrating life’s moments with friends and family. Because COVID-19 has changed the way their customers are celebrating holidays and special moments like birthdays and anniversaries, Baked by Melissa was looking for a way to send engaging, inspirational gifting ideas to customers. And, with retail stores being closed, the dessert brand needed to drive even more e-commerce orders by further encouraging customers to order their favorite treats online.


Partner with Attentive to communicate 1:1 with customers. Baked by Melissa customers are always looking for ways to further engage with the brand. “Our customers are very brand loyal, and are always looking for ways to further engage with our brand,” said Brittany Attride, Digital Marketing Manager at Baked by Melissa. “That’s why text messaging is really great—it gives them exclusive insider peeks that they’re looking for.” And, while celebrating holidays and special moments away from family and friends, customers need gifting inspiration. Personalized text messaging was the perfect opportunity to build loyalty and drive more online orders.

Strategy Baked by Melissa uses personalized text messaging powered by Attentive to communicate 1:1 with its loyal mobile audience. To help make subscribers feel like VIPs, the brand sends exclusive offers and first-looks at exciting new products. “We treat our text messaging subscribers like VIPs—we build loyalty by letting them know about exclusive offers and giving them first looks,” Attride explained. “We continue to build that bond with our customers by texting them like they’re a friend, and letting them in on the know.” Their customers love engaging with eye-catching images on their Instagram, so Baked by Melissa includes colorful GIFs and static images with each text message. Using similar imagery across channels helps the brand create a seamless brand experience for customers. Knowing that their customers are last-minute shoppers, Baked by Melissa also sends shipping deadline reminders ahead of holidays. “A lot of our customers place orders about 3 days before the shipping deadline. And we see some customers place orders just hours before the shipping deadline,” said Attride. “We use text messaging to send them helpful shipping deadline reminders to drive last minute orders just before the holidays.” These helpful reminders drive more online orders, and help customers rest assured that their treats will arrive in time to celebrate. Results Baked by Melissa’s text messaging program with Attentive has delivered an overall ROI of 39x. Using Attentive’s robust suite of list growth tools, they were able to quickly grow a list of subscribers by 151% over 3 months. These subscribers are very engaged—Baked by Melissa’s Mother’s Day product launch message saw an ROI of 31x. Baked by Melissa is eager to continue to grow their text messaging channel with Attentive. “We’ve seen about a 39x+ return on investment on our text messaging program. We’re so excited to try even more strategies and campaigns with Attentive.” Using Attentive’s white-glove client strategy team, the brand is actively testing and optimizing their program to achieve even sweeter results.

Our text messaging channel acts as a continuation of our Instagram channel. Our customers are used to seeing certain images and hearing our brand voice on Instagram. To create a seamless multi-channel experience, we keep those signature elements consistent across our text messaging channel, too.

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