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How Bliss Re-Engaged Text Messaging Subscribers, Driving a 16x+ ROI

Bath and beauty retailer Bliss partnered with Attentive to re-engage subscribers from a previous program—plus to acquire new subscribers


Bliss is a clean, cruelty-free, spa-powered skincare brand. With more than 20 years of spa experience, we make innovative, spa-worthy skincare that is super affordable, yet crazy-effective. All of our products are 100% cruelty-free and free from toxins you don’t want on your skin or body like parabens, phthalates, SLS, SLES, and more. Plus, we bring a fun, positive spin to skincare and never take ourselves too seriously. #ThisIsBliss


Bliss was looking for new ways to impact their overall e-commerce business, including the acquisition and retention of text messaging users to complement their on-site email capture promotion.


Partner with Attentive—a personalized mobile messaging platform—to re-engage text messaging subscribers from a previous program. Launch a mobile sign-up flow that captured email and text messaging subscribers simultaneously.

Strategy First, Bliss unified their brand messaging across all marketing channels to create a consistent experience for new text messaging subscribers. Second, for subscribers from the previous program, Bliss worked with Attentive to craft a “We Miss You” series that encouraged lapsed users to come back and redeem a discount—ensuring list growth compliance along the way. To help complement their email growth initiatives, Bliss implemented Attentive’s dual collection sign-up unit, which allowed them to collect email addresses and phone numbers simultaneously. When a user visits Bliss’s mobile website, they are prompted to first input their email address. Then, to finish their sign up and receive their offer, they opt in for text messaging on the next screen by tapping a call to action button. This pre-populates an opt-in message in their native text messaging app. They simply press “send” to opt in to the program. Finally, to grow subscribers on channels other than their website, they also implemented Attentive’s “two-tap” sign-up feature within Instagram Stories. By swiping up on the Instagram Stories, Attentive’s technology will open the user’s native text messaging app with a pre-populated opt in message. Bliss uses their text messaging program in a number of ways, including seasonal sale promotions, discounts exclusively available for SMS subscribers, and tutorials for creating at-home facials using their products—a smart way to share content directly related to available products. Results Bliss’ re-engagement initiative was extremely successful—they were able to retain 99% of subscribers from their previous program as active subscribers. For new subscribers, Bliss’s mobile opt-in rate was 9.2% for the first month, exceeding Attentive’s 4% opt-in benchmark. And, for those new subscribers, 56% clicked on the first Welcome offer sent, introducing them to Bliss’s text messaging program and providing a discount on their next purchase. For one-time marketing campaigns sent, like seasonal sales or DIY content, Bliss sees average click through rates of 3.8% and average conversion rates of 9%—proving that their text messaging subscribers are highly engaged.

The team at Blue Moon Digital helped strategize and implement a robust SMS plan that outperformed our ROI objectives while driving customer acquisition and retention. By leveraging the Attentive platform and Blue Moon Digital’s support, we were able to increase our overall reach of subscribers and further grow the e-commerce business.

Bliss' Mobile Messaging Program Results


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