Driving Mobile Revenue in Q4
(and Beyond)

Text Messaging Checklist

Mobile messaging allows brands to break through the clutter of information to reach customers and influence their shopping decisions, resulting in more sales.

Now that you know the ins & outs of mobile messaging and the types of messages to send to shoppers this holiday, we’ve created a checklist for you to follow to ensure you achieve maximum success:

1. Start planning EARLY

2. Launch a personalized mobile messaging channel and quickly grow a subscriber base

3. Create a holiday promotions and communication calendar

4. Build a text messaging strategy to ensure the right type, frequency, and segmentation of marketing messages

5. Analyze your holiday performance

Copywriting Tips

The holiday season presents a huge opportunity for retail & e-commerce brands to engage shoppers—new and existing—and drive revenue, especially via mobile. Brands need to consider this impact and adjust their mobile marketing strategies accordingly if they want to succeed.

Personalized mobile messaging is an effective way for retail & e-commerce marketers to break through the clutter and ensure their messages are heard. After all, there’s no better way to reach shoppers this holiday season than where they already are: their mobile devices.

To ensure you send the most effective messages possible, here are our top tips for excellent mobile message copywriting.

Be Brief: Attention spans are short, especially when it comes to holiday shopping, so text messages should be succinct. Get to the point quickly to capture your subscriber’s attention.

Get Festive: Include holiday-themed images and emojis to add visual excitement and emotion to your message. Get into the holiday spirit! Your subscribers will appreciate the sentiment.

Emphasize the Rush: Show a strong sense of urgency and make sure your messages encourage the subscriber to act immediately.

Drive Action: End with a strong and creative call-to-action. Shoppers are extremely busy during the holidays—tell them exactly what next step to take and insert a link that makes it easy to do so.

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