Holiday Marketing Challenges for Retail & E-Commerce Brands

While the holiday season presents major opportunities for brands to drive traffic and revenue, it also poses a lot of challenges for marketers to overcome—especially when it comes to capturing the attention of shoppers.

Increased Competition

Every brand wants to be seen and heard during the holidays. This means that businesses will face a lot of competition from other brands trying to stand out on many of the same channels. Customers are faced with a barrage of marketing communication across all mediums, making it difficult to get your brand’s message heard above the rest.

Overloaded Email Inboxes

Email inboxes become more saturated during the holiday season. Last year’s email volume reached an all-time high of 122% above average send volume during the holiday months. With an increase in emails sent, open rates during the holiday season drop approximately 17% lower than non-holiday emails. Brands also risk losing subscribers, with average unsubscribe rates spiking over 50% above average.

Rising Paid Media Costs

During last year’s four-day shopping period from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, retailers devoted 25% of their annual advertising budgets to digital ads, amounting to nearly $6 billion in spending. During this same time period, the cost-per-click of ads on Facebook increased 140%, yet AOV only increased by a mere 1.45%. This elevated competition on paid media channels means brands have to spend a lot more just to be seen.

Changing Consumer Behaviors

Consumers suddenly become speed-shoppers, deal-hunters, and cart abandoners. They know every brand is bound to have some sort of holiday promotion, so they will do their research to find the best deal. If the checkout process isn’t easy or quick enough, they will abandon their cart. This can make it especially hard to drive conversions.

How can you reach shoppers?

Consumers spend more time shopping on mobile devices than usual since they’re more likely to be traveling or on-the-go during this busy season. While brands are all competing on the same traditional marketing channels—like email, social, and paid ads—mobile messaging is an effective channel that allows you to stand out and reach your consumers instantaneously on their mobile devices where they’re spending their time.

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