Automated and Customer Service Messages

Holiday shoppers are spending more and more time on their mobile phones, whether using them to shop, listen to music, or simply for entertainment. The point is, they are almost constantly on their phones.

What makes text messaging so powerful for sending automated and customer service messages? With automated messages, you can engage shoppers on their mobile devices—where they are paying attention—and drive revenue based on certain actions they complete. Once these messages are set up, they send automatically meaning no extra work for you.

Sending customer service messages through text messaging allows you to respond to questions or inquiries directly and immediately, ensuring a better experience for your shopper. Here are examples and tips on how to effectively use these two types of messages.

Automated Messages

Automated messages are sent to subscribers based on a certain action they have completed, like opting in to a text messaging program, abandoning a cart, and completing a purchase. Given the volume and pressure of the holidays, using automated messages helps you personalize your content at scale while saving you time.

Types of Automated Messages

Welcome Message

The welcome message is the first impression you make with a new customer. Brands can use this type of message to deliver special offers, give a friendly hello, and establish a relationship with the new subscriber.

Since your site likely experiences much more traffic during the holidays, you’re likely to drive more text messaging sign-ups. Keep with the season by personalizing the welcome message each new subscriber receives with holiday-themed messaging.

Abandoned Cart Reminder

Cart abandonment is a serious problem for online retailers, with 75% of consumers on e-commerce websites abandoning a cart prior to purchasing. This number is likely even higher during the holiday season.

While abandoned online shopping carts represent lost revenue that impacts your bottom line, marketers can use automated text messaging to send a well-timed reminder to shoppers, linking them directly back to their carts to complete a purchase.

Post-Purchase Message

Returning customers are always valuable for retailers, but they are especially valuable during the holiday season: in the US, this segment of shoppers generates 22%-25% more revenue per online visit.

A post-purchase message sent during the holidays is a great way of informing shoppers about transactional updates, like real-time shipping and delivery notifications, asking for a review or social share, or offering an incentive for their next purchase.

Customer Service Messages

Customer service inquiries during the holidays increase as much as 42% for retailers, so your brand needs to be available to shoppers to respond to their questions. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to simply reply—47% of shoppers want a quick reply to their questions, problems, and feedback. Offering customer support to shoppers via text messaging guarantees that each request will be heard and responded to as quickly as possible.

Attentive has an out-of-the-box response platform within our message sending platform, plus we’ve built out a robust integration with Zendesk to enable brands to respond to customer inquiries or feedback via text.

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